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Low U-Values

Whole window U-values measure the total heat loss through the window, therefore the lower the U-value the more thermally efficient the window. Inliten products offer U-values as low as 1.2 with double glazing and 0.8 with triple glazing. Whole window U-values consider a balance between heat loss (Uw), solar gain (G) and air leakage (L), whilst also taking into account other aspects of the window, for example: frame, spacer bar and reinforcement. Inliten frames and glass provide minimum heat loss, maximum solar gain and zero air leakage.


Making Inliten Profile frames and glass the best U Values on the market

INLITEN & Profile 22

The most energy efficient Windows & Doors you can buy

Inliten Frames

Inliten frames are designed with a number of internal chambers within the profile system. Each chamber acts as a barrier against heat loss from inside the home and against cold air coming in from outside. This innovative design ensures that the frame itself offers superior thermal efficiency; making it equally as important as the glazing unit.

We now use a massive 40mm unit with double Argon gas!

However, times have moved on, with the requirement for ever more efficient glazing and Sureseal has moved with them and now offers TRIPLE GLAZING as one solution.

Why is three better?

Triple glazed windows offer the maximum performance available in terms of efficiency; the three panes significantly reduce the heat loss that can escape through to the outer pane. By filling the pane recess with Argon gas the heat loss is reduced through each pane as heat does not transfer well through the gas. In terms of energy efficiency and value for money triple glazing far exceeds other comparable methods such as insulation or cavity wall insulation.

Money Saving


Triple glazing first came to prominence in traditionally cold climates such as Scandinavia but is fast becoming a growing favourite among homeowners throughout Britain.

With our TRIPLE GLAZED windows, doors and conservatories, you will not only be helping save the planet, but also be making a huge saving financially over the lifetime of the products. Using modern technologies helps retain in heat, keeping your home warmer, resulting in using your heating on for shorter periods of time.

Saving on your energy bills

Triple glazed windows offer optimum performance in terms of energy efficiency and value for money

The extra pane of glass inserted into a triple glazed window makes a huge difference to the level of warmth felt in the home and gives you the opportunity to become less dependent on your heating system; consequently resulting in fuel costs going down.

Triple Glazing takes energy efficiency to new heights and can be incorporated into most types of window design, no matter whether you prefer the traditional styling of a Georgian window or have a soft spot for Sash.

Lower your energy bills without compromising on comfort

Triple glazed windows offer optimum performance in terms of energy efficiency and value for money. Widely used in cold climate countries like Sweden and Norway, Sureseal now offer Triple Glazing in your local area.

Our Triple Glazed windows:

  • Insulate against heat loss
  • Resist extreme changes in temperature
  • Have an efficient noise reduction
  • Keep moisture and rain outside
  • Create a safe and secure environment
  • Be aesthetically beautiful and fit well into the facade
  • Are guaranteed for 10 years as standard

How Does Triple Glazing Work?

Triple Glazing efficiency and how it works

Before we take a look at the obvious benefits of triple glazing, first you have to understand how the glass in windows links in with the energy efficiency of the property. Firstly, there is direct heat loss, normally measured in u-values, and is basically the loss of heat over a particular area measures in time. The slower the heat escapes, the better. In recent years glass manufactures have achieved better results with Low-E (low emissivity) Glass such as Pilkington K Glass (Hard Coat) or Saint Gobain’s Planitherm (Soft Coat), which is a coating to stop energy escaping.

By adding another pane of Low-E glass it helps the u-value of the triple glazed unit, adding another barrier to stop heat escaping out of a room. We use warm-edge spacer bar, which acts as a thermal break inside the unit, stopping the transfer of cold air into the room, and warm air out of the room, thus reducing the risk of condensation, most of the heat lost from a window, travels through the edge of the glass, the warm-edge spacer not only helps, as its name suggests, keep the edge of the unit warmer.

We fill the cavities of these triple glazed units with inert gases, such as Krypton or Argon, which helps create insulating pockets, thus improving levels of insulation.

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