Introducing Storm 2

Storm 2 Timber The new Storm 2 timber-alternative range designed by a double glazing genius at Evolution and has been created to emulate the beautiful aesthetics of traditional timber windows. The Storm 2 Window offers better energy efficient that is not only A rated +13 but also has a 1.3 u-value. Attention to detail means…

Triple Glazed Windows

Are you looking for extra efficiency and energy saving benefits?

Sureseal Windows offer a selection of triple glazed windows which will improve thermal and acoustic performance to create a warmer, quieter and more secure environment for you and your family to live in. Triple glazed windows consist of three panes of glass, providing extra insulation in order to conserve heat, eliminate draughts and reduce condensation.

Building a Conservatory?

In the majority of cases, applications concern existing buildings, or existing settlement areas. In these cases, the planning considerations generally revolve around the neighbourliness of the design, and the acceptability of the resulting building for its occupiers. Thinking of building a conservatory? This blog will give you a run down of why you need planning permission and how to get it.